Oftentimes, the first thing people use in the kitchen to start any meal is the sink and faucet. You will have to fill up a measuring cup, wash out a pan, or get that water ready on the stove for your pasta. Also, it is where you wash your hands before you can prepare or eat any meal.  

In most dishes, water is a staple. Thus, every homeowner will use a faucet regularly. Before, faucets aren’t too significant. They’re simply bare-bones. However, kitchen faucets nowadays can be combined easily with a practical sink to make it a centerpiece, aside from making meal preparation efficient.  

If you’re planning for a kitchen remodel San Jose project, here are some ideal kitchen faucets you should consider: 

Touchless Faucets 

Over the past several years, modern technology has very quickly developed. The invention of the touchless kitchen faucet is one beneficial design during that time. These faucets only need a tap from your hand or hovering near the sensor to turn them off and on, rather than relying on dirty handles.  

Are you worried about getting cold or hot water? Well, every single touchless faucet comes with a water adjustment handle. This enables you to get the ideal temperature for your needs.  


Two-handle sinks are ideal for you if you prefer the old-school way or you want to follow a traditional design. You can adjust the water temperature individually through the cold and hot handles. Because of the separate plumbing, hot water handles allow water to heat up faster in general for homeowners who want to prepare meals faster.  


Typically, one-handled faucets are accompanied by gooseneck-shaped spouts. This type of faucet enables water to shift easily between cold and hot without experimenting with two various handles. In addition to that, these handles are ideal for people who’ve got their hands full. Almost every one-handle faucet comes with a huge handle that you can move simply by the brush of your hand. One-handle faucets are typically the simplest to fix because it requires simple plumbing.  

Pull-Down Faucet 

This type of faucet is almost the same as a pull-out faucet. However, there’s a major difference. The head of this faucet is typically attached to a gooseneck-shaped spout. Usually, it is aimed downwards. A pull-down faucet is best for houses that want a luxurious-looking sink but still want to keep the practicality of a pull-out faucet head.  

Pull-Out Faucet 

Perhaps this is one of the most popular types of faucets out there. A pull-out faucet is a faucet that is shaped horizontally where you can pull the head away from the stem. This is extremely helpful if you want to wash dishes manually. Pull-out kitchen faucets enable water to be moved around the sink basin extremely fast. Because of this, you can easily clean your faucet without the need for scrubbing.  

These are just some of the popular types of faucets. If you want to install one for your home, make sure you hire a professional remodeling company to do the job for you.