Renovation Ideas for Your Kitchen for Resale

Coming up with any renovating ideas for your home can be a daunting yet fun task to do. When it comes to all house renovation, ideas for kitchen remodeling still take the lead. If you’re planning to place your home in the market, remember that your kitchen area is the main room in your house that may either make or break the sale. Hence, how can you guarantee that your customized kitchen design will give you a great ROI in the end?  

To help you with that, we have listed some tips and guides that your kitchen remodeling plans will suit your needs and appeal to prospective buyers at the same time should you plan to sell them in the future. Keep on reading to know more: 

Add a couple of unexpected kitchen features 

Given that you’re spending money and taking the time to remodel your kitchen, you may consider getting a few kitchen features that anyone may enjoy. Perhaps you can create a beautiful ambiance to any area with mounted under cabinet, make room for a customized kitchen island, or place additional storage in your kitchen where you can. 

Open up space 

If you seem to have a cramped and tight kitchen layout, perhaps opening up your space would be worth the money. Prospective buyers are mostly searching for a kitchen that feels open and big. 

Stay on budget 

Staying on budget with your kitchen renovating expenses is among the most vital factors that you need to consider as you plan on renovating any room in your house. If you’ve got a tight budget, you can take advantage of keeping your current kitchen layout. Cosmetic alterations like switching out hardware, refacing kitchen cabinets, and incorporating new appliances can go a long way while making sure that you’re not going beyond your budget. When your kitchen requires new walls and layout, then ensure to have a sufficient budget for those plans.  

Have neutral colors 

Unless you want to stay in your house for a lifetime, adding features and colors that other people can imagine themselves living in a home is vital. You can also help your kitchen to be more attractive to several prospective homebuyers by opting for backsplash and countertops with muted colors. Though you don’t really need to have an all-white kitchen, make sure to prevent using neon or any bright colors that can be changed easily.  

Regardless if you’re planning to market your house within this year or you’re still spending more years in before you make a big move, renovating a kitchen will get you the major bang for your buck in terms of any renovating project in your house. To help your home sell faster, make sure to collaborate with professional kitchen remodel Redwood City today contractors. If interested, contact these experts right away and book a schedule and get a consultation from them for free. They will make sure that they will help you realize the kitchen of your dreams in no time. 

Factors to Consider Before Starting to Renovate Your Kitchen

One of the best investments you can make in your home is to remodel your kitchen, regardless if you’re planning to do it for resale or just to renovate it for your personal use. Kitchen remodeling may, indeed, disturb your life for some time, but the results will all be worth it. Though before you think about the remodeling ideas of your dreams for your kitchen and turn them into a reality, there are things you need to consider. To ensure that the remodeling cost of your kitchen is optimally utilized to further realize your dream kitchen, check out some of the best tips and factors you should think of before starting this massive project. 

Time and money 

It’s essential to establish a financial budget on your renovation’s front end to ensure that you can optimize your remodeling plans. Moreover, the crucial design decisions can be determined depending on your allotted budget. Nowadays, there are plenty of countertop options to choose from, and choosing the most expensive material may not be good for your budget. Hence, you need to make a list of priority projects that your kitchen should have, but make sure to remain flexible. For instance, if you’re planning to work within a budget, one of the best options for you would be to reface kitchen cabinets since it can help you save money and time. Plus, it’ll still look good at the end of the day.  

Use and Lifestyle 

Pause for a while and try to reflect on how you’re using your kitchen at the moment. Do you cook frequently or only twice or once per week? Does your kitchen serve as a gathering place where you entertain your family and friends? A customized kitchen design can detect and solve any issues you see in your current kitchen. When you like to eat in the space or want to cook more often in the future, take some time and think about other issues you see within your kitchen. Are you struggling with a limited counter area? Do you need to upgrade your appliances? Do you want a breakfast table or bar counter for your family to huddle during day time? All of these things must be considered and discussed with your designer as you meet them for your kitchen installation or remodeling project.  


Your kitchen’s current size will make a difference in your renovation plans. When you’ve got a massive area to work with, then you can plan for a big project. However, when you’re working in a small kitchen and you want to get a customized kitchen island, perhaps you may need to think about expanding your kitchen area. Some of the ways to do so include adding more square footage onto your home or knocking down a wall.  

If you want to spruce up your kitchen area, make sure to entrust this project with the help of kitchen remodel San Mateo experts to ensure that you’ll make the most out of your budget while meeting your expectations.  

Ideal Kitchen Faucets for Your Kitchen Remodel

Oftentimes, the first thing people use in the kitchen to start any meal is the sink and faucet. You will have to fill up a measuring cup, wash out a pan, or get that water ready on the stove for your pasta. Also, it is where you wash your hands before you can prepare or eat any meal.  

In most dishes, water is a staple. Thus, every homeowner will use a faucet regularly. Before, faucets aren’t too significant. They’re simply bare-bones. However, kitchen faucets nowadays can be combined easily with a practical sink to make it a centerpiece, aside from making meal preparation efficient.  

If you’re planning for a kitchen remodel San Jose project, here are some ideal kitchen faucets you should consider: 

Touchless Faucets 

Over the past several years, modern technology has very quickly developed. The invention of the touchless kitchen faucet is one beneficial design during that time. These faucets only need a tap from your hand or hovering near the sensor to turn them off and on, rather than relying on dirty handles.  

Are you worried about getting cold or hot water? Well, every single touchless faucet comes with a water adjustment handle. This enables you to get the ideal temperature for your needs.  


Two-handle sinks are ideal for you if you prefer the old-school way or you want to follow a traditional design. You can adjust the water temperature individually through the cold and hot handles. Because of the separate plumbing, hot water handles allow water to heat up faster in general for homeowners who want to prepare meals faster.  


Typically, one-handled faucets are accompanied by gooseneck-shaped spouts. This type of faucet enables water to shift easily between cold and hot without experimenting with two various handles. In addition to that, these handles are ideal for people who’ve got their hands full. Almost every one-handle faucet comes with a huge handle that you can move simply by the brush of your hand. One-handle faucets are typically the simplest to fix because it requires simple plumbing.  

Pull-Down Faucet 

This type of faucet is almost the same as a pull-out faucet. However, there’s a major difference. The head of this faucet is typically attached to a gooseneck-shaped spout. Usually, it is aimed downwards. A pull-down faucet is best for houses that want a luxurious-looking sink but still want to keep the practicality of a pull-out faucet head.  

Pull-Out Faucet 

Perhaps this is one of the most popular types of faucets out there. A pull-out faucet is a faucet that is shaped horizontally where you can pull the head away from the stem. This is extremely helpful if you want to wash dishes manually. Pull-out kitchen faucets enable water to be moved around the sink basin extremely fast. Because of this, you can easily clean your faucet without the need for scrubbing.  

These are just some of the popular types of faucets. If you want to install one for your home, make sure you hire a professional remodeling company to do the job for you.